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03 November, 2007

Y2k: A look back...

Most retrospectives of the year 2000 would focus on the computer failure that never occured. But here at The Gobble Gulch Gazette we'd rather remember the things that happened outside of the server room in 2000. Enjoy...

This is a photo of "Chippy" who took up residence just outside the backdoor of the cottage that year.

[the sign reads: "Chippy House No Snakes Allowed ]

Chippy is of course the generic name for whichever chipmunk has claimed the property as his own for the summer. But this particular "Chippy" was very comfortable around humans. Our neighbor Bill Dickie, spend considerable time feeding him peanuts by hand.

Ah...who can forget the "Summer Fun Guys" nearly every weekend at the cottage.

Here they are hanging out on our first boat just off the beach in Turkey Point.

[Left to Right: Anthony, Scott, Kenny, and Geoff]

Waking boarding off of Turkey Point, the summer of 2000.

"Summer Fun Guys" relaxing in front of the cottage at Turkey Point watching the cars and girls go by.

Late in the summer and the evenings started to get a bit cooler. Here are Natalie, Bill & Peg Dickie sitting out behind the cottage enjoying a reduction firing.

Sure it looks like a trash can but down at Gobble Gulch that is what we call a pottery kiln.

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