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30 September, 2007

The Daisy Tree

2007 visited upon our family two terrible losses.

In April, Carole's Mom, Daisy Evans passed away. Then, later in the summer one of the Willow trees at the cottage was destroyed by a violent storm.

On Friday, our cottage neighbor Phil Dickie planted a new Linden tree that will be known in our family as, "The Daisy Tree".

Here are some photographs of our new tree.

Look everyone - we have shade again!!!!!!

At the far left you can just see the stump of the Silver Willow that was lost. Our little Linden will be an excellent shade tree but, he'll have quite a way to go before he matches the shade power of his predecessor.

Way bigger than you'd get from the Home Depot Garden Centre!!

Our little Linden will be protected by his big brother - hopefully for a couple of more years at least.

For years to come our family will enjoy the shade under the cool canopy of the Daisy Tree.

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Blogger Carmi said...

Life has a way of defiantly proving itself triumphant. Just when you think all is lost, it finds a way to re-establish itself in a place where it might have been lost forever.

Circle of life, my friend. Blessings on the new addition; may its shade protect you and yours for a lifetime to come.

Tue Oct 02, 08:59:00 PM EDT  

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