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28 July, 2007

Williamsport, PA - A Brief Stopover

After losing most of the day at the border crossing, Williamsport Pennsylvania was a welcome stopover. The CAA TripTik Travel Plan and Tour Book steered us toward the Genetti Hotel. The Genetti is a tidy, inexpensive, historic hotel in the middle of downtown Williamsport.

Inside the Charlie Chaplin suite you'll find Charlie's Chair.The view of Williamsport taken from the hotel.

A cocktail before heading out to dinner....

We had a terrific dinner at The Peter Herdic House. Quite an unexpected find! Peter Herdic's former home is located on Millionaire's Row. It turns out that at one time Williamsport had more millionaires per-capita than anywhere in the world.

Snapped a few pictures of the local architecuture on the walk from and to the hotel.

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